Move to Cloud Consulting

Designing the network & server infrastructure to support your operations or mission-critical applications is a complex and critical piece of any technology strategy.

Are you looking to redesign your network and server infrastructure? Do you want to turn to Virtual Servers or move your applications and servers to the cloud? Our team of experts can help you design the IT infrastructure architecture that fits your needs in the best possible way.

We provide consultations about moving your services to the cloud, by analyzing the resources allocation, the risks and costs of moving them, the benefits you will reap by moving to the cloud and the effect this will have on your day-by-day operations. A Total Cost of Ownership calculation is also included in these reports, to help reach decisions about move-to-cloud tasks.

Of course, this also may include traditional in-house Hardware solutions: Networks, Server Room Architecture, High-Density WiFi Networks, Server Digitalization and people counting solutions. We also provide security, networking and infrastructure auditing services.