RFP Writing Services

Helping companies position themselves with a unique and compelling solution for RFP Proposals.

What is the procedure in your company when you search for an IT solution? Which vendors do you approach? How do you define what your needs are? How do you compare their different quotes? We can help you build a structured process to select an IT solution and a vendor through writing an RFP document for you.

Writing your own RFP has advantages and disadvantages. You need to have an experienced IT professional to do the job and they must have experience in writing similar documents. The problem is that in many cases no such people exist, or they are not available to take up the task. The RFP writing process is not be taken lightly, as a poorly written RFP can lead to failures during the project that follows.

We can undertake the task of writing the RFP for you. This includes interviews with the project sponsors to gather specifications, proposing a timeline for the project, setting the evaluation criteria that will help you select a vendor and of course writing the actual document.

As in all other cases of our consulting services, we take things a step further. We can recommend vendors and software and also take part in the evaluation process.