Software Consulting

Take the first step towards identifying software that can help grow your business, enhance productivity and maximize efficiency and profits.

Our technical and business experts will help you record your business needs by taking part in interviews with representatives of your business department. They will analyze the findings and guide you towards IT solutions that will help meet these needs and also make suggestions for improvements that can be made in your current way of operations by applying IT solutions.

Our teams design the architecture of the new solutions, defines the first draft of requirements analysis for the selected software, as well as their data integration with existing (or new) IT systems in your company.

ROI calculations are also made for the various solutions proposed.

All findings and reasoning towards the proposed solutions are recorded in a business report and power point, which is presented to your team.

In case you have already selected the type of software you need, we can also provide requirements analysis services so that you can include these in you RFP, or provide them to your selected vendor.

We specialize in solutions that involve ERP, BI, CRM, SFA, warehouse management, POD, Productivity and Collaboration (communications, document management, and intranet), Data Digitalization and Digital Marketing.