Pobuca-Sieben is the Gold Sponsor at the Economist 's event "Taking Cybersphere to the next level" event on 18th of March!


SiEBEN - Pobuca is the Gold sponsor at the "Taking Cybersphere to the next level" event which takes place on March 18th, at Grand Hyatt Hotel and is organized by The Economist.

Distinguished personalities and prominent leaders from Greece, Europe and around the world will join to brainstorm, debate and put forward proposals on all the issues that this high profile event will once again be addressing.

Isidoros Sideridis, Pobuca-Sieben's CEO, is asked to present domains of research from Pobuca labs that will become technologies of the near future with impact to your businesses. Do not miss his speech at 12:10, entitled "Today’s research is tomorrow’s technology". 

Government, business, academia and people as a whole have benefited from the rapid evolution of technology. Remote access to numerous services, instant communication, automation of procedures, information proceeding and storage are but a few of the many aspects that lead to economic growth and the improvement of quality of life for populations around the world.

We do, however, live in an era of cyber insecurity. The increasing opportunities come along with various challenges: vulnerable systems, data safety and protection, cybercrime and hackers. Governments and business need a coherent strategy to provide a secure cyber environment and use this transformation for the benefit of society.

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