Our Position

With more than 100 employees SiEBEN is already considered to be among the top 20 Greek IT companies.

Pobuca Sales is the leading field sales automation solution in Greek market. In Capterra, the top software listing site for business solutions, Pobuca Sales is ranked in top 8 solutions worldwide according to the features it is offering. We are moving fast in expanding our presence outside Greece that is a strategic target for our company as our product can compete in global market.

Looking at the competition area of digital marketing and Marera, globally there are many digital marketing software tools, each of them incorporating different set of features. According to recent research, 41% of marketers already use a marketing automation software, 26% intend to start using one in the next 12 months, while 33% currently do not plan to use such a software in the future.

Use of marketing automation software from marketers


Marera brings together the whole set of the important features of digital marketing, combining loyalty system, contact management, campaigns management, social media integration, lead scoring, surveys, web site content management, integrations with 3rd parties.


Having implemented  Pobuca Sales and Marera in more than 1,000 consumer goods and retail companies we have all the experience needed in order to design and deliver successful CRM solutions in those two industries that can provide a holistic view of customer base and help sales and marketing departments design and execute efficient go-to-market IT activities.

Furthermore, regarding our position in the market, we have a big number of loyal customers that operate in various sectors that are mainly big national or multinational companies while our sales mix disperse in many customers and sectors, which makes our company’s sales forecast less vulnerable in extraordinary conditions