The Solution

We provide our expertise in CRM technologies for Retail and Consumer Goods industries, mainly through our major products Pobuca Sales Pobuca Loyalty.

Pobuca Sales is the leading field sales automation platform for Brands and Wholesalers, in Greece. Pobuca Sales boosts the performance of field sales teams by removing the complexity of paperwork and providing, in real time, a 360o view of customers and sales activities. Pobuca Sales gathers and analyzes a magnitude of data and provides KPIs that help organizations define their strategy and make fast smart decisions based on facts rather than guesswork. By optimizing merchandising and other administrative tasks, Reps communicate specific plans, tasks and objectives for merchandising activities as well as getting the perfect order (with measured KPIs). All data are synchronized safe and secured on customer’s ERP (2-way integration). Data driven approach with retailers improves operational efficiency and fosters meaningful relationships with store managers and owners. All these mean error free procedures, administration cost reduction and higher customer service levels.

A seamless, regardless channel or device, experience need has led us to Pobuca Loyalty, an omni-channel and all-around umbrella approach, developed as a Microsoft Dynamics CRM add-on, which enables brands and retailers gather valuable data for their customers, measure customers’ buying behavior and loyalty, design, execute and monitor marketing campaigns.
The Advanced Business Intelligence capabilities of Pobuca Loyalty, enable marketers to have timely all information needed, accessing insights on the true behavior of the existing clientele and foreseeing client requests.
Loyalty is not about offering discounts. It’s about recognizing true needs, minimizing marketing investment and maximizing ROI.
With Marera, businesses can differentiate through their loyalty scheme, which can provide them a 360o view of their customers’ engagement and buying behavior. They can design personalized campaigns to reach carefully segmented audience and they can also forecast future shopping behaviors via lead scoring.

With Pobuca Sales and Pobuca Loyalty integration, empowered with our high consulting expertise in CRM technologies and operations for the Consumer Goods and Retail industries, we can provide a complete Go-To Market solution and methodology to our customers.