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All your business contacts in one place. 

Store all your business contacts in Pobuca Connect and start sharing them with your team (user roles & privacy available). Search for names, organizations, job titles and get all their contact details, notes, reminders and related info. Constantly update your contacts database by scanning business cards or grabbing email signatures; start sharing a contacts list and automatically have Caller ID for all your team’s network!

Sync your business contacts across devices.

Have easy access to your business contacts on any device. Pobuca Connect offers a secure store of your contacts list on cloud and all your devices are automatically up-to-date. Access your Pobuca Connect account from Mobile while on the go, from Desktop while at the office, or from within Microsoft Outlook to be one click away from your emails. It’s super easy to search for contact info to make phone calls or send emails, to create new contacts related with their organizations and to share your e-business card with external partners. Finally, you can access Pobuca from Web to have access to special features or for administrative purposes.

The Pobuca Bot, your personal e-assistant.

Don’t want to waste time typing or searching through Pobuca Connect apps? No worries, have your personal e-assistant do it for you. Ask her (by typing or speaking directly) to search or update contact details of people and organizations stored in Pobuca Connect. Find her at desktop app and Outlook add-in, but you can also talk to her through Facebook Messenger or Skype! Coming next: Request your personal e-assistant to call a contact for you and connect you when the contact is available waiting on the other line.

Want more? Get Pobuca Connect ENTERPRISE.

We understand that working on a large organization requires advanced customizable features and the best customer support you can get. This is the reason we created Pobuca Connect Enterprise. Integrate your Line of Business software and systems with Pobuca and have contact information up to date across your organization with special focus on security and privacy.

Customers & Partner Quotes

In productivity apps like Pobuca Connect it’s essential to have quality clients for all available platforms. Microsoft is the worldwide leader in business productivity and Pobuca joined Windows Store and Office store that you can access Pobuca Connect contacts from Outlook and O365. We will keep working closely with you, making sure that you embed the latest Microsoft technologies to your products. Well done!”

Dimitris Gkanatsios, Sr. Technical Evangelist at Microsoft

"Pobuca Connect is neat because it has a dual purpose: you can organize your company’s business contacts, but you can also create an onboarding process for new employees regarding access to co-workers & customers contact details."

Lykiardopoulos Miltos, IT Manager at PAO

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