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Pobuca Loyalty
 is a Loyalty Platform, designed to secure your existing clientele, enhance the absolute number of your loyal customers and minimize your marketing investment, through an omni-channel communication approach. Pobuca Loyalty’s integrated self-service marketing tools help marketers develop an appropriate strategy to grow loyalty, influence behavior and market share.

You can now place, customer segmentation in the spotlight and identify the right rewards for the respective audience. Advanced Business Intelligence capabilities, enable marketers to be constantly up-to-date, accessing insights on the true behavior of the existing clientele and foreseeing statistically probable client needs. 

Now you can:

Effectively Reward your Customers. Loyalty is not about offering discounts. It’s about recognizing true needs, minimizing marketing investment and maximizing ROI. You can now differentiate through your loyalty scheme, which can provide you enhanced reach and accurate customer pinpointing. Identify your best customers and create the circumstances to upgrade more to this level.

Communicate Efficiently! Sell more! Personalized campaigns to reach carefully segmented audience at a push of a button. Collect your customers’ feedback and gain invaluable insight, through carefully set statistical indexes, depicting the true perceptual value of your products and services.

Adopt an Omni-Channel Marketing Strategy. A seamless experience, regardless channel or device, has lead us to the omni-channel approach. An all-around umbrella approach, connecting customers in progressive ways enables brands measure behavior and provide customers with localized information.

Predict Shopping Behavioral Patterns. Reach customers at the right moment. Project and forecast future shopping behaviors via lead scoring. Increase effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and expand your business horizons rather than just mapping the world you operate in.

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