Brand & Consumer Loyalty

Loyalty is not about offering discounts. It’s about recognizing true needs, minimizing marketing investment and maximizing ROI.

Design your customers’ ideal reward experience with Pobuca Loyalty, a customized loyalty platform that supports single or multi-partner programs, through an omni-channel communication approach. Pobuca Loyalty helps marketers develop an appropriate strategy to grow loyalty, influence behavior and market share.

  • Execute personalized campaigns to segmented audiences: Identify your customers, based on their data, from campaign interactions, activity on your site, interests/social data, demographics, shopping behavior and much more. Learn what your customers’ preferences are and then send them better campaigns!
  • Choose the appropriate targeted personalized digital activities, such as:
    • Email campaigns
    • SMS campaigns
    • Viber campaigns
    • Push notifications
    • Facebook notifications
    • Surveys
  • Gain invaluable insight: Track the interactions/responses of your Campaigns and get insights, in order to increase your ROI & ROMI, getting higher open and click through rates, greater email relevance, better deliverability and lower unsubscribe rates. After having a centralized reporting, your company will be able to make decisions on whether to invest on digital activities, or on development of new products and services.
  • Forecast future shopping behaviors: use database marketing, data mining, advanced analytic techniques for lead scoring.

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