Business Intelligence & Data Management

The Truth, is in your Data!

Every company’s secret power: Data

By presenting your data in an easy to understand format, a BI solution helps you to have a better understanding of your business’ strengths and weaknesses while providing actionable metrics - making it a critical tool to ensure competitiveness and profitability.

Enable your company to understand and analyze large volumes of rapidly changing data, to have the right information, at the right time and in the desired format. To anticipate and exploit the market trends by creating competitive advantages, to achieve corporate goals and to take better decisions in less time.

 Some of the main BI platform features:

  • Data gathering from many different and disparate systems (ERP, CRM, emails, Excel files etc.)
  • Flexible processing of large amounts of data (optimize data normalization, DW)
  • Dynamic visualization of results using 2-dimensional, multidimensional interactive reports (OLAP CUBES), readable charts, combination of Scorecards and live Dashboards, multiple drill down reports and charts management capabilities
  • Direct (Real Time) monitoring of Key Performance Indicators and dimensions (customer, item, employee etc.)
  • Centrally stored Information is available on all platforms (insights from any device, desktop, mobile, tablets, smartphones etc.)
  • Sharing information per user role permissions
  • In depth results Analysis (starting from a high level, resulting in raw data drill-down)
  • Real time, two-way, internal and external (partners) information diffusion
  • Scheduling of data renewal and execution based on parameters and authorizations
  • Interface with Excel (leverages the secure, flexible and powerful use of platform and does not change the way users work)
  • Easy customization and standardization of reports (ability to create reports easily, quickly and with absolute precision)
  • Fast and Easy in use, in administration and customization

There are several key benefits a BI solution offers to an organization regardless of its size:

  • Immediate access to up-to-date information anytime, anywhere, anyway
  • Efficient and effective sharing information with people across your organization
  • Improve information worker productivity and accelerate the decision-making process
  • Improve quality of services provided
  • Enterprise resources saving
  • Minimizing operating costs and maintenance of information systems
  • Direct identification of business opportunities
  • Show top profitable clients, show top profitable products
  • Show performance and productivity of employees
  • Simplify collaboration and sharing and improve alignment with a single central source for accurate financial and operational information
  • Excellent data visualization capabilities, easy to understand and simple, making them actionable
  • BI analytics tools are well-suited for powerful data and process mining (vast amounts of data cannot be managed with weaker programs)
  • BI simplifies the Benchmarking process, providing actionable information and reports that are easily understood
  • Provides some of the most effective and easily implemented goal performance management available
  • Time savings using pinpointing answers quickly
  • With the customized reports, BI enhances awareness, it helps companies catch opportunities that they might otherwise miss
  • Reduces the time IT needs to create and customize reports for the changing business processes