Supply Chain Management

In today's challenging environment of Supply Chain Management, Warehouse is one of the basic functions that contribute to the success of a company's Logistics.

Some consider as the "heart" of the company, because as the heart modulates blood flow, so the warehouse stock and dispatches products, regulates their flow from acquisition-supplier, production, to their transfer, distribution and consumption. The implementation of all the above operations within a warehouse requires a number of activities, such as:

Receiving: In the receiving process to the warehouse, products and packages are identified and labeled. By using wireless technology and barcode achieve fast and error-free receipt of goods in the warehouse, as well as support the possibility of issuing barcode labels for pallets, crates, pieces whenever deemed necessary.

Deposition: Enable the storekeeper to know the entire stock of an item, where it is located, as well as other parameters of the stored products such lots, serial numbers, etc. (multiple storage locations ability). Also record in detail all the internal movements of the products and perform the deposit by wireless terminals (RF), following the instructions of the system driven by rules on product placement in the correct position.

Picking: The main process of a distribution center is the fast, accurate and error-free processing of picking orders. The Pobuca Sales helping in this direction, has the ability to support multiple Picking locations, which means that there is a feature of proposing the ideal position from which it can be collected by each user, and the order of the items. Simultaneously, the system can support:
1. Multiple barcodes depending on product packaging,
2. Traceability Management (FIFO-FEFO),
3. All types of order picking, such as collection per order, per customer group and route, in aggregate per batch or based on some specific features.

Packing: The Packing is a complementary process of collecting orders. The warehousemen through the system, record in detail all kinds of items with quantities that are in each box, and print box labels, so it gets easier the search of items in them. Using the wireless terminal (RF) and by scanning the barcode of the boxes can be easily and without mistakes, allocate orders to the corresponding vehicles. Finally, updates the accounting applications of the company to issue the relevant documents and send the order to the customer.

Inventory: Pobuca Sales supports all types of inventories (comprehensive, periodic or circular, physical - fully parametric).
There is the possibility of inventory per corridor, per item, per product group, per shift, per group positions etc. By using wireless technology ensure the accuracy of inventory in the distribution center.

Reporting: Reporting system provides accurate information with real-time reporting on the trends and stock, so can easily meet clients’ needs while eliminating excess costs.

The main benefits from the use of a modern warehouse system, are the following:

  • Operating costs reduction, maximizes ROI
  • More rational stock management (visibility, performance) ensures that your stock levels are optimized
  • Minimization of errors during the picking of order
  • Reduction of picking time
  • Easy identification of the positions of items in the warehouse
  • Non-skilled employment feature
  • Minimization of mistakes when posting receipts and shipments in the central information system
  • A high level of customer service

With Pobuca Sales Solution, you can gain access to the latest innovative technology can markedly improve supply chain visibility and performance. It is a flexible Warehouse Management Information System, which automates all supply chain processes and includes all the functions of a distribution center. It is a user-friendly system that adapts to the needs of any business and can effectively manage all activities in a warehouse with both wireless (on line mode) and batch terminals (off line mode).